On this beautiful Monday morning  I reflect back on a hectic weekend – a hectic month!

October always flies by for me. There seems always to be work to do, whether it is part of a busy semester teaching (this year, at Skidmore College), Preparing for the Next Act New Play Summit at Cap Rep (this year, I’ll be organizing volunteers at all events at both Proctors and Cap Rep, as well as reading the new play “Far From the Trees” on Sunday Nov. 2), schlepping my kids around to after school activities and orthodontist appointments (Josie loves the JV Tennis team!), directing (just closed “Outside Mullingar” for Theatre Voices), or preparing our gardens for the winter. . . there is never a dull moment.

October is also always Breast Cancer Awareness month, of course.  After my latest revision surgery on September 29, I spent an unexpected part of this October just sleeping off the pain and anesthesia blowback.  Amazing how the mind forgets painful things. . . I truly didn’t think this surgery would be so involved.  But little stops me – and I was happy to be the keynote speaker at the St. Mary’s Hospital Breast Center fundraising bruncheon at the Glen Sanders Mansion yesterday.  As I wrote to the organizer, Bri – I was grateful to be able to share my talents, little though they may be, with other women struggling through their treatment or recovery.  Her response?

“Good morning, Yvonne-
Thank you again so much for coming to our brunch yesterday. I hope you enjoyed it! Everyone LOVED your talk. You said exactly what every woman needs to hear…take control of your body and your health care decisions. Too many people just take the doc’s word for it, and I am glad that you empowered people in that room yesterday to do their research. . .

Again, thank you for giving all of us all of you. You were inspiring, funny, and uplifting and we love you!


Brigitta J. Giulianelli, MPH
Director of Community Benefits & Outreach
St. Mary’s Healthcare
427 Guy Park Avenue
Amsterdam, NY 12010”

Well, thank you Bri, for such a wonderful event!

Off to prepare notes for the lector training class I’ll be giving at church on Halloween morning.  Never a dull moment!

Written by YvonnePerry