The following are exerpts from reviews of work Yvonne has recently done. For a full press kit, email Yvonne.

The Grass is Greener – Oldcastle Theatre, Bennington, VT

“In this romantic comedy, Oldcastle’s grass is ‘Greener’…the show-stealing kudos must go to accomplished New York thespian Perry, about as versatile an actress as Oldcastle has ever seen. Perry excelled at physical comedy, flinging herself about the furniture in every Mae West type of pose she could muster. “

~The Bennington Banner

“As Hattie, the would-be mistress of almost any man with power, money or position, Yvonne Perry is almost the equal of the film’s Jean Simmons. She makes the most of her moments, and her costumes, by Patti Brundage, are the best of the show. Perry has a voice like satin and a style that is pure period and absolutely right for the character. She gets the mink and, frankly, deserves it.”

~Peter Bergman Theatre Reviews

“The play features veteran actors Bill Tatum as Victor and Melissa Hurst as Hilary, with Yvonne Perry as Hattie. The three give outstanding performances designed to keep the audience regaled royally. Their (Her) dialogue is beautifully paced and delivered with great spirit.”

~Glens Falls Post Star

“Perry manages to be witty and pretty – by far the best thing on the stage.”

~Reviewed by Gail M. Burns, 

THE GOD GAME – Gulfshore Playhouse:

“But Lisa’s faith is genuine, and Ms. Perry makes us believe that it’s a vital, living thing.”

~Nancy Stetson, FLORIDA WEEKLY

THE GOD GAME – Capital Rep:

“Each character is wonderfully defined through seemingly effortless performances by each actor. . . Lisa is the glue of the production and Yvonne Perry shows her to be the most vulnerable of the three, yet in many ways she the most reasonable and morally centered person on stage.”

~Bob Goepfert TROY RECORD

The Elephant Man – Theatre Company at Hubbard Hall, Cambridge, NY

“Some well-appreciated humor is provided by Yvonne Perry in her role as the actress, Mrs. Kendal who creates a genuine friendship with Merrick until their relationship goes too far in the mind of Treves and she is forbidden to visit the hospital again”

~The Post Star

“The actress, Mrs. Kendal, is excellently portrayed by Yvonne Perry. She befriends Merrick, but is it an act or genuine friendship she feels toward him? It is impossible to tell.”

~The Bennington Banner

“But in Pomerance’s theatrical reality, Mrs. Kendal is a vitally important role and Yvonne Perry plays her as a most appealing and sympathetic woman.”

~Tripod Review

“Yvonne Perry is also very strong as Mrs. Kendal, an actress hired to spend time with Merrick; who actually becomes his true friend.”

~The Times Union

“Yvonne Perry’s portrayal of Mrs. Kendal is spot on: bold yet sensitive, at once sensual and maternal. Her unfolding openness with Merrick is brave, modest and carefully nuanced.”


Intimate Apparel – Capital Repetory Theatre, Albany, NY


Picnic – Oldcastle Theatre, Bennington, VT

“Oldcastle veteran Yvonne Perry is most attractive physically and emotionally as Rosemary Sydney. . .”

~Post Starr

“Yvonne Perry shines as Rosemary Sydney. Perry shows great acting style and perhaps alters some of the lives of those around her. This is fine acting with winning verbal results.”

~The Daily Gazetter

“Yvonne Perry brings a slowly percolating intesity to Rosemary, and holds it tightly in check as the desperation of her situation plunges her into self-humiliation.”

~The Advocate

“My favorite performances resulted in the joint efforts of Yvonne Perry and RIchard Howe. They both gave free, open and expressive presentations and worked well together, as their characters both intetionally and unintentionally fenced with each other over the course of the play.”

The Bennignton Banner